Kids Krav Maga

Self Defense Fit For Everyone

As a parent, you are always concerned about the safety of your child or children. One of the scariest threats they face today is stranger abduction. Krav Maga is a system that is especially effective - even against larger, stronger threats. This makes Krav Maga a fantastic choice for your child when he or she is faced with stranger danger.

The Mada Kids Krav course is designed specifically for ages 5 - 14 and focuses on a variety of self defense techniques that build confidence, promote fitness and teach kids what to do when faced with an attacker or a bully that simply will not go away.

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... to say no to strangers.

Mada Krav Maga is the most effective self defense system out there. Mada stresses function over form and is designed to bring kids up to a very high level of proficiency in a relatively short amount of time. That means nearly instant protection for your child.

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... to avoid bullying and stand up to would be abductors.

Mada Kids Krav self defense shows kids that they don't have to choose between being nice or tough - they can be both. With every class, your child will learn the techniques and mind set to effectively handle bullying, chokes and other kinds of assault.


... to walk away from trouble.

These classes will teach your child the discipline, self-confidence and integrity everyone should have. You will find these traits will spill over to other aspects of their lives including academics and athletics.

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... for a confident life.

Subtly ingrained in every class are lessons on functional physical fitness and the importance of practical life skills. Couple that with the confidence and self defense skills that come from Mada Kids Krav and your child will be well prepared for life!

Both you and your child will see the value in Mada Kids Krav from the first day. Don't forget the first class is always free, so come on in today!